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 The hottest new trend in permanent make up!  



Lip blush can really give you that youthful glow! With lip liner and blush we are adding definition to your lips which can create the illusion of volume. The colour leaves a soft glow almost like a lip tint.

 Lip blush is also suitable for those of you that have had lip fillers, and this can further enhance your lips. Please be advised if you have had lip filler to leave a period of six weeks before your lip blush treatment. 





Before I do any treatment, I firstly have a free consultation with each client. It is important to do this to understand exactly what look you wish to achieve from your permanent make up. It also allows me to look at colour choices with you, fill out a medical questionnaire and answer any questions you may have.

During your consultation I will conduct a patch test on you which is required by law for each treatment. This must be conducted at least 12 hours prior to your treatment. 

Lip Liner

Creating a border around the lips, just add your lipstick and you’re ready to go!

Top up Treatment included 


Lip Liner & Blush Ombre 

The new hot make up look! This a proving a very popular treatment. Enhancing the lips giving definition and the illusion of fuller lips. Adding colour towards the centre of the lips.

Top up Treatment included


Full Colour

A full colour over the whole lip. No more lipstick!

Top up treatment included


All treatments include a free top up 6-8 weeks after initial treatment

Healing Guide

After your treatment I will give you an aftercare guide that I have created outlining what to expect but also how to take care of your lips. It is especially important you follow the aftercare advice given to make sure you get the best possible results once healed. 

Aftercare - Lips -min.jpg

What to expect after
your lip treatment

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