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A little bit about me, I am a busy wife and mom to three beautiful boys, I have always had a massive love for make up and wear it daily. Not for anyone other than me. I worked in financial services for 15 years, so I understand how important looking presentable is. Also, how short on time we can all be now with our busy lifestyles. It can be so hard to find the time to get yourself ready and that is where I can help you. TIME IS BEAUTY! 

Time is Beauty



I changed direction from Banking into Gel & BIAB nails (the new nail craze) and within a few months I was shortlisted as a Finalist in three categories in The UK Hair and Beauty Awards. To me quality is important, this flows through to Permanently Defined. That is why I have ensured I use the highest quality pigments and permanent make up artist tools, which will result in high-quality, long-lasting results. I hope you find all the information you need on my page, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. 


My Training

As mentioned previously I have invested time, making sure I had the best training available. I trained with multi award winning Katy Jobbins. A leading expert within the industry who has extensive knowledge and experience. I have trained on a 1-1 basis rather than a classroom environment, which was more intensive and tailored to how I learn. Even when I have not been with Katy, I have constant access to learning video/materials which I refresh on almost daily!

Stacey Cox
Katy Jobbins Permanent Make Up Expert



What has it taken to become a Permanent Make Up Artist?

Medical Knowledge

  • Dermatology

  • Medical Conditions

  • Contra-indications

  • Allergy Testing

  • Changes to the skin

  • Consultations, Medical History and Aftercare

Colour Theory

  • Colour theory, Permanent Make Up Pigments and Colour Mixing

  • The study of 21 Pigments

  • Advanced Colour Correction

Technical Training

  • Microblading

  • Powder Effect Eyebrows, Combination Eyebrows

  • Natural Hair Simulation

  • Needle configurations

  • Machine management and sterilisation

  • Seven advanced needle techniques

  • Pigmenting guideline for Brows, Eyes and Lips

  • Total symmetry, Convex and Concave Faces

  • Pre drawing & Measuring Eyebrows, Lips & eyeliner

  • Lip liner, natural lip blush and full lip colour

  • Eyelash enhancement, Safe and Simple Eyeliner designs

Specialist Training

I have had specialist training in correcting Permanent Make Up procedures that clients have had done elsewhere where they have been unhappy with their results.

I have also taken an extra course in Infection control to make sure that both me and my client’s safety is always paramount limiting cross infection.


On all my clients I use an extremely high-quality Pigment from Tina Davies. All of the pigments are hypoallergenic meaning they are safe to use, as well vegan friendly and also cruelty free. These pigments have not been tested on animals. 

All of the pigments can be mixed to create a custom shade for each client for eyebrows, lips & eyeliner. The real beauty of these pigments…. the colour will not fade into anything other than the colour we mix. They have been designed for that purpose. These pigments are also designed to cover previous permanent make up that has faded or needs colour correcting. All of the pigments are designed to be both suitable and compliment all skin colours.

Tina Davies pigments have been designed specifically for cosmetic tattooing which improves the longevity of your permanent make up.

Permanent Make Up by Stacey Cox



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