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Eyebrows make all the difference to each of our faces. Eyebrows literally frame the face. Instantly with a nice pair of brows that are tailored to each individual you can go from looking tired to fresh and wind back that ageing clock! Wake up ready, no more spending time filling in gaps or colouring your eyebrows. Whether you need a few extra hair strokes or colour shading I can help you with that. Wave goodbye to that eyebrow pencil! 

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Machine Hair Stroke brows, with Shading 

The most well-known treatment within Permanent Makeup. This is where permanent make up started. This look is created using a manual handheld blade. This method creates realistic hair strokes, therefore creating a natural look. This treatment would be useful for people who want to finely tune their brow shape, fill in gaps whether it be because of ageing, illness or simply going GUNG HO on the tweezers! Also perfect for people who have suffered hair loss due to medical grounds such as cancer, thyroid issues, or alopecia. This treatment creates a natural effect while freshening up the face, accentuating your facial structure and making you look younger. 

Top up treatment included





Before I do any treatment, I arrange a  FREE consultation with each client. It is important to do this to understand exactly what look you wish to achieve from your permanent make up. It also allows me to look at colour choices with you, fill out a medical questionnaire and answer any questions you may have.

During your consultation I will conduct a patch test on you which is required by law for each treatment. This must be conducted at least 12 hours prior to your treatment. Consultations take around 20-30 minutes. 

Powdered Brows

A soft makeup look, great for oily or mature skin. An extremely popular treatment with all clients. Best used to fill in any gaps and to build colour. You can create a very subtle look or create as bold a look as you desire. Kinder to the skin than Microblading and something I really specialise in. If you are after the looking your eyebrow pencil gives you, without the effort of doing it each day this is the treatment for you!

Top up treatment included


Combination Brows

Show stopping brows. Offering the best of both! A combination of manual hair strokes (microblading) with powdered brows to blend the two together. Creates a gorgeous natural brow. You choose the depth of colour you desire. Perfect if you are somebody that has little or no hair within the arch of your brow. This creates a more defined look than microblading.

Top up treatment included


Ombre Powdered Brows

The ultimate designer set of brows! Ombre powder brows are great for any skin type, unlike microblading, which may not work well on oily skinned beauties/ or more mature skin. The front of the brows looks soft, the colour deepens throughout the brow and tail. Leaving a powdered effect. Again, you can create as soft a look as you like or make your eyebrows bold. Eyebrows will look fuller, more defined. The ombre powder technique is less invasive than that of microblading. 

Top up treatment included


All treatments include a free top up 6-8 weeks after initial treatment

Healing Guide

After your treatment I will give you an aftercare guide that I have created outlining what to expect but also how to take care of your brows. It is especially important you follow the aftercare advice given to make sure you get the best possible results once healed. 

After care leaflet by Stacey Cox

What to expect after
your eyebrow treatment

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