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A day in the life of a Permanent Make up Artist

Each day and each client brings different looks for each person. I look at who I have booked in and look over the consultation notes from our last meeting.

Room prep gets underway, this includes cleaning down equipment before treatment. I prep my trolley making sure cross contamination is limited. All my equipment is pre sterilised and only used on that individual client. Client safety is important! Always make sure your permanent make up artists machine is fully covered.

Clients come for their appointment, we go over their consultation form together speak about the look that wants to be achieved and any concerns the client has. Most people are nervous on their first session. This quickly disappears and the second session no one comes in nervous.

I then apply a topical numbing agent to make sure you are comfortable throughout your treatment. Pre draw of brows or lip blush is done and shown to the client. Once the client agrees to the shape this is when I begin.

I advise my clients to allow 2hours per treatment for Brows and Lip Blush. Eyeliner around 1hour.

I then arrange the clients follow up appointment between 6-12 weeks later as a complimentary session to touch up, and add more colour and definition to create longer lasting results. I prefer to offer my clients two sessions to allow each client to get used to their new look without walking around looking crazy during the healing process.

Each client leaves with a Aftercare leaflet which details what to expect over the coming days during healing from their treatment.

My aim is to have each client leave with natural looking results, enhancing their natural features and staying true to the individuals face.

Thorough clean down needs to be done in between each client.

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